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Chairman’s Notes

Looking back to 2007, when I was preparing to establish the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing with industry experts, the major social media platforms were still in their infancy, and businesses were striving to build their own websites while also exploring the possibilities of email marketing and internet marketing, all in an effort to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. The term “interactive” in the name of the Association reflects the direction we were exploring at that time. 

Time has passed, and social media has now penetrated every corner of our lives, especially in the past three years of the pandemic, which has increased society’s demand for the internet in all aspects of life. How to achieve effective and continuous “interaction” in digital marketing, compete for views and engagement rates, and ultimately increase brand awareness and return on investment is a challenge that every business and marketing professional must proactively tackle with. 

In addition, the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence has enabled businesses to make data-driven decisions and ultra-personalized marketing strategies by collecting and analyzing big data. The English acronym for the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (AIM) may add another layer of meaning – AI x Marketing. Generative artificial intelligence has undoubtedly brought a new wave of disruptive challenges and opportunities to the marketing industry, and companies must maintain their competitive advantage in an ever-changing market environment. Advertisers and online marketing professionals also need to keep up with the trend of technological development to “get in front, not behind” in order to stand out and become the king of marketing in the new era. 

Entering 2023, I am fortunate to once again serve as the president of the Association and contribute to the industry. The Association will continue to promote industry exchanges and development, keep up with industry needs and technological changes, and continue to host various events and gatherings to provide members with the latest information and promote the exchange of practical experience.  

Moreover, we are dedicated to continuously serving the industry with our three flagship programs that have been in operation for years, gained word-of-mouth popularity, and received funding from the HKSAR Government’s “CreateHK” initiative: Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music), HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme, and Hong Kong Digital Advertising Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme. Through these programs, we facilitate crossovers between various media and industries, nurture new talents, and pass on our accumulated experience in interactive marketing to the next generation. 

The future of the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing and the interactive marketing industry in Hong Kong is promising. Let us thrive together to promote innovation and excellence.

Francis Fong, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing