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Prof. Stephen Ho – Vice Chairman, Chartered Institute of Marketing

Prof. Stephen Ho: “I am very delighted to the establishment of Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM) which is a benchmark of marketing in a new era, and a paradigm shift in the competitive business environment. HKAIM is not simply an organization gathering professional calibers whom doing marketing in cyber space to share their ideas; but also playing a role of acting as a bridge between online marketing and the other industrial sectors; Hong Kong and China Government concerning interactive marketing issues.Furthermore, HKAIM have a mission to identify standards and regulations of interactive marketing which is crucial to the marketers to have a ruler of measuring professionalism in such a dynamic business world.  Indeed, it is also a major concern to other different parties of Hong Kong.  Therefore, the setup of HKAIM definitely creates a positive effect of upholding direct marketing as well as promoting industrial recognition.

By meeting the global development of marketing, I truly believe that HKAIM would have a very prosperous future.  Last but not the least, my congratulations to HKAIM!