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Prof. Keith Chan – Head of Dept of Computing, HK Polytechnic University

Prof. Keith Chan: “HKAIM is certainly a most welcomed and timely effort of IT and marketing professionals in Hong Kong.”

Congratulations on the inauguration of the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing! As interactive technologies nowadays penetrate every aspect of our lives, enables businesses to deliver real-time, personalized services and contents and influences online purchasing behaviors, HKAIM is certainly a most welcomed and timely effort of IT and marketing professionals in Hong Kong.

Interactive marketing is cutting edge branch of marketing not only because it requires deep understanding in both technologies and customer behaviors but also because it represents a paradigm shift in marketing itself. Marketers can now leverage to the full extent the opportunities created by the new environment of interactivity and many other aspects of information technology.
Interactive marketing’s requirement for a new knowledge base means that it is a field to be mastered and perfected by professionals, thus calling for such professional association as HKAIM. HKAIM will benefit us in many ways: to raise the professional status and profile of interactive marketers, to extend understanding of its importance in business and the community, and to promote professional standards and competencies through the formalized provision of certifications and training.
We at COMP believe that in a modern society, activities and communications, (with marketing as a representative example), are now destined to become increasingly interactive. There is no doubt that the future of interactive technologies in marketing will be fully exploited by the creativity of professional marketers like yourselves. This is why we at COMP have offered undergraduate and postgraduate subjects that to help our students gain both technological knowledge and vision in what technology can achieve through creative uses. When they graduate, they will be equipped with a diverse range of skills and knowledge in such areas as diverse as e-commerce, web advertising, e-marketing, data mining, CIM, B2B, acquired through courses offered by our Department and in conjunction with other departments such as Marketing and Business.
We wish a bright future for HKAIM and interactive marketing. “